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Awards and Testimonials

Здравствуйте, уважаемая Анна Юрьевна!
Огромное спасибо за информацию! С удовольствием слежу за вашей работой и пользуюсь вашими разработками на занятиях! Как принято говорить у нас в Узбекистане: не уставайте! Здоровья, творческих успехов! Спасибо вам за ваш труд!

С уважением,
Велишаева Эльвина Сейрановна,
Узбекский государственный университет мировых языков, Ташкент

Il tuo messaggio pasquale è molto bello ed anche ben fatto, sei proprio una brava regista. Hai comunicato la tua emozione. Inoltre io ho capito tutto anche perché le parole importante le hai scritte e a me servono per non dimenticare il Russo.

Con affetto, Piero

Time to speak Russian is the greatest, the funniest and the most complete online platform to learn Russian, to practice (in case you already know the language) and also to teach Russian (if you are a teacher looking for resources and ideas). So many teaching tools! So user-friendly! So much energy and enthusiasm! I especially enjoy the Instagram shorts by prof. Ania Petanova. Any free minute I have, be it at work or whereever, I check my Instagram and there is almost every day something new to grab easily and quickly. Time to speak Russian is more than just learning a foreign language. It also provides a space for a full inmersion into the Russian culture and history! I just love it so much!

Executive Associate, United Nations Development Programme, Havana, Cuba. Passionate about the Russian language.

I started to study Russian 5 months ago because I moved to Moscow for my job. I thought it was going to be not only tough but also boring. After 5 months studying with Time to speak Russian and with Anna as a teacher, I changed my mind: yes, it's still difficult and it needs a hard work to learn, but their method, based on a mix of real everyday situations, funny stories and grammar explanations, helps in making the whole thing very interesting and pushes you to go on with your efforts.

Alberto Zamconato, il giornalista

I started learning Russian in January 2023 with Anna. I find her very professional, precise and very passionate about teaching. She uses a website designed by her and her colleagues which I find very well designed amd helpful. She provides her students with extra exercises plus the ones already existing on the website. Anna also has been giving me tips on where to visit and where to eat. If you want to learn the Russian Language, I'll strongly recommend Anna Petanova.

Hedieh Sadr, Farsi teacher

Добрый день, Анна Юрьевна! Вчера мы стали выпускниками! Мы хотели бы сказать Вам спасибо за всё! Спасибо за то, что привили нам любовь к искусству! Спасибо за то, что научили нас отличать Ампир от Барокко! Спасибо за то, что сделали нас чуточку культурнее! Спасибо за знания и душевные разговоры! Спасибо за пример человека, любящего свою профессию всем сердцем! Спасибо за вдохновение!

Группа выпускников 2023 года Университета Просвещения Москвы