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3. Russian Consonants. Syllables

There are 21 consonant letters in the Russian alphabet and they represent 36 sounds.
For almost every consonant letter in the Russian language there are two sounds – a hard consonant and a soft consonant. A so-called hard consonant is a consonant that is pronounced normally. A soft consonant, on the other hand, has an additional, secondary articulation – the middle part of the tongue (the body of the tongue, not the tip) rises up to the hard palate, thus these consonants are called palatalized. You’ll learn more about them later.

In this lesson you will learn about 10 Russian hard consonants: Б, В, Д, З, М, Н, П, С, Т, Ф.

Watch the video, listen and repeat.

audio only:

Let’s continue with syllables that are formed with hard consonants. What is a syllable? A syllable is a part of a word that contains a single vowel and is pronounced as a unit.

Watch the video, listen and repeat.

audio only:

Exercise 1.

Listen to the audio and pick or tap the correct syllable.

You can listen to the whole exercise again and check if you got everything right here:


МУ - НО - УН - БА - ПЫ - ПО - УП - ВУ - ФО - ВО - ДУ - ТА - ДА - ЗЫ - СА - ЗУ - УС

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