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Video Projects

At the moment we have several thematic sections regularly updated with new videos. The video materials are suitable for working on all types of speech skills.

For the convenience, we will add text and exercises to the videos, some of which can be accessed directly on the website. Some additional training materials based on the videos are included as free PDF downloads. Extended versions of these materials with transcripts and exercises will be available as paid downloads.

Moscow by Alphabet

Video 'walks' with Anna in Moscow: here you will not only see popular and the under-appreciated places in the capital, but also learn how the huge metropolis used to live before, and how it lives today. This project is currently ongoing and is constantly updated with new episodes. For those who already have a good grasp of Russian (level A2 and higher).

All videos have subtitles in Russian and English. Translation into other languages ​​is in the works. The project materials will be supplemented with worksheets for each video, which are also in development.

Around the Country

‘Around the country’ is a project for those who want to learn more about how life is in Russia. By traveling with Anna you will see how the geography, climate, history, traditions and much more differ between cities and regions of this huge country.

Russian Poetry

‘Russian poetry’ - a playlist for lovers of Russian poetry. In each video, you can listen to the poem (and read the script —with stress marks included), and also learn a little about the poet who wrote these poems. Anna herself selects, reads, and comments on the poems.

Traditions and History

‘Traditions and History’ - a playlist about Russian customs and traditions. We think that for a foreigner it’s very important not only to read, but to see with their own eyes what an old ‘izba’ looks like, how the New Year is celebrated in Russia, how to cook pancakes and how to set up a samovar. Find these and other entertaining stories in this playlist.


Learning materials that defy categorisation.