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Basic Level

Basic Level

The A2 course ‘Moscow Holidays’ contains 8 lessons. In this course there are videos with interactive exercises and questions, commentary on the grammar, and end of section tests.

The structure of every lesson contains: :

  • New words and expressions. Introductions to new vocabulary with the help of illustrations and voiceovers. The new phrases are also translated and spoken in English.

  • Grammar: Thematic links point to the course’s grammar guide. In the guide there are illustrations, tables, and exercises that explore the particular grammatical topic in depth.

  • Video: Storyline with subtitles in Russian, English (and many other languages).

  • Transcript: Full transcripts of the dialogues which can be used for studying separately in Russian or English, or in parallel.

  • Exercises: Exercises based on the videos. (Additional grammatical exercises can be found in the grammar guide at the end of every separate topic.)

Lesson materials are accessible in online and pdf formats. Pdf versions of every lesson can be downloaded in base versions (free) or (soon!!!) in more in-depth versions (paid).

The lexical and grammatical content of the A2 course ‘Moscow Holidays’ corresponds to the RKI Basic Level educational standard set by the government.